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My name is Grazyna Rychlik. Since 2001 I have been working as a tour manager in Poland and Central Europe and a city guide in Warsaw. Since 2004 I have been involved in many aspects of genealogy work.

If you are planning a trip to Warsaw or Poland you can hire me as your guide. If you have roots in Poland and need to find your ancestral locations or want to learn more about the land of your ancestors, you will be in good hands working with me.

Through 'Contact Us' you can get in touch with me to discuss or book a tour or other services listed.

I belong to a generation of transition - our life started in one economic and political system and continues in completely different circumstances. This big change brought Poland to the attention of the community of international travellers. Some people want to go back in time when visiting the country, some want to see the challenges we are facing every day in catching up real fast on all those years of slow-down and lack of attention to many small and big things. This keeps me fascinated with my own country and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of Poland in general and Warsaw in particular with travellers from all over the world. I present my country as a place with rich history, multicultural base of the nation and the present changing fast.

I am a Polish national and a graduate of The Warsaw University with a master's degree in economic geography. I also completed a post-graduate course in Warsaw studies at the Institute of History, Department of History of The Warsaw University.

Thank you for visiting my web site. Whether you have been to Poland or only planning a trip in foreseeable or unforeseeable future I hope you will find some useful information on this site.

Aleksandra Chwatow

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